Cash Insurance Rating

What is a Cash Insurance Rating?

Is Your Safe Fire-Resistant?All new safes come with a cash rating.

It’s a term used to try and measure the level of security offered by a particular safe, based on the materials, strength, and locking devices fitted.

“Insurance Rating” is effectively the same as “Cash Rating”.

These ratings enable you to easily compare different safes and what level of security they will provide.

Cash insurance ratings are used to compare different safes’ abilities to withstand attacks represented in a dollar value.

Generally, high-grade safes are manufactured much heavier due to the density of the concrete built into it. These high-grade new and second-hand safes will likely have glass relocking devices and anti-drill plates as well as other barriers to protect whatever you choose to store inside.

While there isn’t any official body that applies certified cash ratings to safes, the manufacturers do make reasonable assessments based on industry comparisons to try and apply an accurate figure.

The higher the cash and valuables ratings, the harder it is for a thief to break open the safe.

The valuables rating is always 10 times the cash rating, as cash is so much easier to steal.

We recommend you consult with your insurance company before purchasing a safe in case they disagree with the manufacturer’s cash rating. This is very rare but can happen.


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