Fire Rating of Your Safe


What is a Fire Rating?

Is Your Safe Fire-Resistant?When it comes to protecting your valuables such as cash, personal ID and important documents, family heirlooms, digital media, etc. from fire, you need to consider a high-quality, durable safe that is adequate for the purposes you are buying it.

This includes its fire-resistant rating.

When we talk about safes and its fire rating, we make reference to a level of protection your safe can provide the precious and irreplaceable contents stored inside, in the event of a fire.

No safe is completely fireproof.

Safes are rated to be fire-resistant. That is to say, any safe you buy would be rated to protect your valuables for a period ranging from 1 to 2 hours.


Fire Rating on Your New Safe

New safes will be rated as a combination of temperature and time to give an accurate and easy to understand indication as to the level of protection provided.

As an example, we stock Dominator Safes that are certified to comply with the CNS Class 177°C 105 minute rating. That is to say, 177 degrees Celsius is the point at which paper inside the safe will get damaged from heat. With the testing furnace heated up to over 704°C, the internal compartments remained below 177°C for 105 minutes.

A bush fire will push temperatures up to around 500C.

A house fire would never get up to 500C. Furthermore, these extreme temperatures would only be for around 10-15 minutes.


Fire Rating on Your Second-Hand Safe

When it comes to our second-hand safes, we make a guesstimate of its tolerance to extreme heat based on years of experience installing and customising bespoke pre-used safes.

Antique safes built before the 1950s were not manufactured for compliance to a standardised fire rating. Therefore they cannot be classed as “fire-resistant safes”. That’s to say there is no way to know with any certainty how long an antique safe would hold up in the event of a fire.

But antique safes are very, very solid, and there is every chance they have excellent fire-resistant features inside them.

Most antique safes were built to be explosive-proof!


Protecting Your Digital Media

When looking to fire-proof irreplaceable digital media, we can provide you with a safe within a safe!

Media drawers can be built into your new or used safe to provide all the protection you might need.


Melting Temperatures of Common Metals

These are the melting temperatures of common metal types:

  • Aluminum: 660°C
  • Brass: 930°C
  • Aluminum Bronze*: 1027-1038°C
  • Chromium: 1860°C
  • Copper: 1084°C
  • Gold: 1063°C
  • Inconel: 1390-1425°C
  • Cast Iron: 1204°C
  • Lead: 328°C
  • Molybdenum: 2620°C
  • Nickel: 1453°C
  • Platinum: 1770°C
  • Silver: 961°C
  • Carbon Steel*: 1425-1540°C
  • Stainless Steel*: 1375 – 1530°C
  • Titanium: 1670°C
  • Tungsten: 3400°C
  • Zinc: 420°C


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