Glass and Mechanical Relockers for Safes


What Are Relockers?

And why do we go on about them so much?

Image of Glass Relocker MechanismA relocker is a mechanical or glass device that, when activated, fires spring-loaded bolts into the opening mechanism of the safe, instantly disabling access to your safe.

So, the safe’s lock is a locking mechanism, and its handle is the opening mechanism.

If the lock is compromised through physical assault or manipulation, the relockers will engage, which will instantly disable the opening mechanism of the safe.

So the door cannot open. In fact, it will never open again. This ensures that whatever you have inside your safe stays in the safe.

We or someone in the safe-cracking industry can gain access to your safe. But it takes a long time, is very noisy, noxious gases and lots of noise will be generated. So no one can attempt to break into your safe without you knowing about it. And the odds of a non-professional successfully gaining entry to your safe are pretty much “bugger all”.

When the relockers engage the safe becomes impenetrable, and it’s done its job.


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