Our Warranty


A Business Built On Trust and Honesty

Our Warranty Built on Trust and HonestyWhen you order from CAPTAIN SAFE, we do not consider your purchase complete until your safe is installed and you’re absolutely satisfied with it.

Our relationships with partners, suppliers, and manufacturers are built on time, trust, and honesty.

We ensure your online purchasing is super secure, and all purchases are covered by Australian Consumer Law.


New Delivered Safes

All new safes provided by one of our leading manufacturers and delivered to you by CAPTAIN SAFE come with a comprehensive warranty against defects.

We also include a CAPTAIN SAFE Welcome Pack.


Pre-Used Safes

All our pre-used, reconditioned safes come with a 1-year body and mechanical parts warranty and a 3-month warranty on second-hand locks.

This includes safes that we have customised to meet your specifications.