Second-Hand, Pre-Used Safes


Where Do Our Pre-Used Safes Come From?

Second-hand LORD Safe - CSB00150

Our second-hand, pre-used safes are typically trade-ins from banking and local government institutions, agencies, councils, hospitals, railway stations, supermarkets, and other sources.

They were manufactured during a time in the 1990s and earlier where business work ethics was high and the cost of business low.

These safes were built to a specification to ensure that no one could illegally gain entry to the safe … at all … EVER!

Built before alarm systems and before CCTV, these safes had to withstand a potential assault of considerable skill and force. Imagine a scenario where all the contents of the safe are cash money. There are no stored credit cards or electronic payment systems. There are no alarms or triggers to alert police. The thieves have time on their hands to really give it a go breaking into the safe. More importantly, the thieves know the money is there!

It was a time when this generation of safes had to guarantee physical security. Security mechanisms and devices built into the safe had to withstand a potential violent assault to the exterior, and importantly preserve the reputation of the safe’s ‘brand’.

Secondhand LORD Safe - CSB00150Such was the craftsmanship of these second-hand safes that, 40 years on, they remain fully functional and in excellent condition.

When your pre-used safe gets delivered to you – the buyer – it is in perfect condition.

We may need to replace glass locking systems or remove heavy internal shelving or compartments/cash boxes.

We fully recondition locks, hinges, and security mechanisms for the highest standards in the Security Industry.

Lastly, we give your second-hand safe a fresh coat of paint so it looks very close to ‘new’.

And, incidentally, our second-hand, pre-used safes are HALF the PRICE of a new one!


Our Promise To You

When you order from CAPTAIN SAFE, we do not consider your purchase complete until your safe is installed and you’re absolutely satisfied with it.

All our pre-used safes come with a 90-day unlimited parts warranty.

This includes safes that we have customised to meet your specifications.


How To Make Your Online Purchase

As industry leaders for 20 years offering high-end, specialist engineering geared for bespoke safes, we stock a huge selection of second-hand, fully reconditioned safes competitively priced. And we can tweak the safe you buy from us today to meet your precise specifications.


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