To Rent or Buy?


Short-Term Hire or Long-Term Lease?

Our customers rent safes for different reasons.

Some want to protect their precious belongings but cannot justify the price tag at the moment, while others need a safe for a certain amount of time.

Here are some examples …

Short-Term Hire or Long Term LeaseCash Deposit Safe allows staff during the day to drop money into the safe drawer but cannot access the money stored in the safe. The Cash Deposit Safe is completely secure overnight.

Drug Safes may be sought by doctors, surgeons, medical centres, nursing homes, or veterinary businesses who are looking to securely store a variety of drugs on-site in order to prevent unauthorised access, and meet their legal obligation.

Pop-up businesses / events may wish to hire a safe short-term to store valuables / cash.

Jewellers require high cash insurance rating on their safes. For this reason, they will require bank-quality safes to protect their stock. We make available bank-quality safes for under long-term lease arrangements.


Lease to Buy Option

Often times, a lease-to-buy option is more practical and affordable. It offers our customers the option to try before they buy, which includes going bigger or smaller, depending on outcomes.

The legal profession may require high-grade, fireproof filing cabinets for on-site storage, and long-term leasing may offer a win-win solution.

We offer our lease-to-buy customers the option to upgrade their safe at any time. Our customers, once they are satisfied with their choice, can at the end of their lease, purchase their safe outright.


Speak to One of Our Experts

If you’d like to learn more about our short-term or long-term leasing options, speak with one of our Security Industry experts on:

1300 648 182 or you may contact us via email: contact us.

We look forward to your call.


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