The Best Jewellery Safes in Australia

Where to Buy Cash-Rated Safes?

At CAPTAIN SAFE we stock high-grade customised cash-rated bespoke jewellery safes and bullion safes that are sold Australia-wide.

That is to say, we buy in second-hand high-grade ex-bank safes and we customise to your individual specifications to suit whatever needs you may have, be it for your business or home use.

If you’re in the business of storing high-value jewellery or precious metal products (diamonds, sterling silver, bullion, gem stones, watches, vintage jewellery, collectables), we can customise one of our ex-bank safes to the highest quality to keep your possessions completely protected.

We stock a comprehensive range of premium new and bespoke jewellery safes for home and commercial businesses.

All our new jewellery safes for sale are supplied through multiple manufacturers that, with the help of our industry experts, can assist you to meet your unique needs.

It is a fact, all the ‘must have’ features that make a gun safe SAFE, are the very features you need to consider when choosing a jewellery or precious metal safe.

Helping you make the best choice

CAPTAIN SAFE has a long proud history of helping businesses and mums and dads Australia-wide make the best choices when it comes to investing in a jewellery or bullion safe / vault.

We guarantee our quality safes will protect your valuables and importantly offer real peace of mind.


How to understand cash and fireproof rating of your safe

Cash rating of your safe

Cash insurance ratings are used to compare different safes’ abilities to withstand attack represented in a dollar value.

“Insurance Rating” is effectively the same as “Cash Rating”. So you would expect to see a jewellery safe listed as having a Cash Insurance Rating.

These ratings enable you to easily compare different safes and what level of security they will provide.

The higher the cash and valuables ratings of your safe, the harder it is for a thief to break into it.

Fire rating of your safe

When we talk about safes and its fire rating, we make reference to a level of protection your safe can provide the precious and irreplaceable contents stored inside, in the event of a fire.

No safe is completely fireproof.

Safes are rated to be fire-resistant. That is to say, any safe you buy would be rated to protect your valuables for a period ranging from 1 to 2 hours.


What Size Safe Best Suits?

You need to consider what you intend to store in your safe, and understand external and internal dimensions.

If you are looking to store smaller pieces of jewellery, then it makes sense to buy a smaller more compact safe. On the other hand, your jewellery safe might double up as a home safe to store personal identification documents, your laptop, etc. So, some planning beforehand is essential in the decision-making process.

And you want to future-proof your safe so that it can accommodate additional stock or items down the track, as your needs change. This is especially true for business owners and serious collectors who expect their jewellery safe to accommodate future storage capability.


Where Should You Keep Your Jewellery Safe?

How to keep your jewellery safe at home

Where you store your jewellery safe will depend on how you expect to use it.

A suitable location might be in the bedroom if you remove your jewellery before you retire of a night. Other options might include a wall safe or hidden compartment.

Locating your jewellery safe where it’s difficult to get access to or, for example, where you have to walk outside to the back shed would, in many cases, see you leave your precious jewellery lying around, by-passing your safe altogether. That’s not why you purchased it in the first place. So give some serious thought to your safe’s location.

Keep in mind, the weight of your jewellery safe will determine whether it can be placed inside your house on floorboards or needs to be (bolted down) on to a reinforced concrete slab.

Many of our high-grade ex-bank customised safes weigh between 700kg and 1,900kg because the body of the safe incorporates materials like concrete filling that provides a defense barrier against someone illegally opening your safe.

Serious collectors and business owners would put a great deal of thought into how and where they store their safe or install their vault. Some may find onsite storage attractive, as would customers looking to store their sensitive documents long term in one of CAPTAIN SAFE’S highly secure environments.


Best Safe for a Jewellery Shop

Best Safe for a Jewellery Shop

Our experts recommend an ex-bank CHUBB Safe that comes with a Fire Rating of 120 minutes, and a Cash Rating up to $250,000.

This safe is in good condition for its age. We’ve reconditioned the locking and re-locking mechanisms; everything is in perfect working order. We’ve also replaced the digital lock with a brand new LaGard digital lock. This safe is TDR which is Torch & Drill Resistant.

Chubb Safe - Ex-Bank Safe


Best Safe for Serious Jewellery Collectors

Best Safe for Serious Jewellery Collectors

Our experts recommend an Australia Safe Co. High-Security Safe that comes with a Fire Rating of 120 minutes, and a Cash Rating up to $150,000.

Its best suited for high-value assets, bullion or, jewellery storage. We’ve reconditioned the locking and Re-locking mechanisms. Everything works perfectly. This safe is TDR which is Torch & Drill Resistant.


Best Safe for Storing Jewellery at Home

Best Safe for a Jewellery Collection at Home

Our experts recommend an Oxley Safe – Size 1 that comes with a Fire Rating of 60 minutes, and a Cash Rating up to $60,000.

Tested to the highest quality in its class against attack. Approved by Sold Secure to Gold Standard for burglary protection. This safe is TDR which is Torch & Drill Resistant.

Oxley Safe – Size 1


Speak to One of Our Experts

At CAPTAIN SAFE, we do not manufacture safes. What we do – and do it extremely well – is customise new and second-hand, pre-used safes to fit your unique storage specifications. We can tailor-make a jewellery safe to include additional shelving space and locked storage. You may also require additional external locking devices.

Our purpose-built, high-end bespoke safes are engineered to meet and surpass industry standards.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can customise a quality jewellery safe for you, speak with one of our Security Industry experts on:

1300 648 182 or you may contact us via email: contact us.

We look forward to your call.


Nigel Hemming - Managing Director, Captain Safe

~ Nigel Henning, Managing Director, CAPTAIN SAFE


Nigel Henning is the business owner, director, and driving force behind the success of Captain Safe, based in Geelong, Victoria. A security expert since 2000, Nigel has been a leader in the Australia Safe Industry since 2016.

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