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How Do I Store Bullion and Precious Metals at Home?

Captain Safe - Bullion and Precious Metal Safes and VaultsCarefully!

You never want to make a fuss of it.

You are never ostentatious about gold and silver storage.

You never ever have a sticker on the back of your car that reads “We Love GOLD!” The fewer people who know, the better.

As people, you are quiet, reserved, and just want to look after what’s yours.

Storing your gold in a centralised storage facility off-site has its draw-backs. For example, what happens should the market crash and you are not able to get access to your gold? Many of these storage facilities insist you buy and store ‘their’ gold or silver. And where do you safely store Granny’s precious wedding ring?

That is to say, having your own safe or vault at home – if you’re sensible and careful – offers an incredibly flexible, high-level security at a very low one-off cost.

The cost of buying a bank-grade, second-hand safe, or vault that we customise to your exact requirements to store your bullion and precious metals will prove cost-effective while ensuring you have exclusive access, close at hand.

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