Combination Locks, Codes, Keys, Biometric, Batteries For Your Safe


Mechanical Combination Locks

Mechanical locks have a dial panel that corresponds with a combination to open the safe.

Because mechanical combination locks require no batteries or a power source, they tend to have a longer lifespan.

Mechanical combination locks can be slow to operate and, in an emergency situation, when under pressure, they may prove tricky – or impossible – to access.

Further, the tumblers on the lock may, over time, misaligned and require professional maintenance.

Factory set codes can only be changed by a safe technician/locksmith.

A CAPTAIN SAFE expert can change your combination lock to your specifications.


Digital Locks

Digital locks offer hassle-free, fast access to your safe.

Using a series of numbers to open the safe, the push-button access panel is easy to see and use, and illuminates when you’re opening your safe in the dark.

The safe owner can generate a passcode, and easily change it as needed.

After a number of failed attempts, the digital access panel will block unauthorised access.

If one was to remove the keypad, the safe’s integrity, and the safety of its contents are unaffected.

You do, however, need to keep in mind that batteries must be changed every 6-12 months.

And if you fail to upkeep the batteries, you may find yourself locked out of your own safe.

Here are CAPTAIN SAFE, our onsite experts can help you diagnose the problem, and provide you with an immediate, cost-effective solution.


Biometric Safe Locks

Biometric safes are opened using a registered fingerprint.

And, as is often the case, multiple users (fingerprints) are registered to open the safe.

There is no need to remember codes or store a key to access your safe.

Whereas it’s very possible to forget your safe access codes or perhaps lose keys.

Using a fingerprint to access your safe is simple, secure, and extremely challenging to replicate.

Bio-metric Finger Scan technology has been around for a long time and has proven to be an effective reliable security feature.

There are always pros and cons.

And if your fingerprint is in any way damaged or inaccessible, the safe is permanently locked!


Key Operated Safe Locks

A simple key-operated mechanical lock can be very reliable, low maintenance, and simple to use.

Key lock safes can provide peace of mind for customers who don’t want to fuss with a combination lock or electronic access keypad.

You will have to ensure that you store and look after the key to your safe.

There is the option to purchase dual locking key-operated safes that require two keys to open the safe, offering additional security.

A pick-resistant safe lock that uses a key is preferred.


Images of a key and a combination lock…

Captain Safe - Locks Combination Digital Key Biometric Safes


Batteries For Your Safe

We would recommend you use high-quality, alkaline nine-volt batteries.

That is to say, electronic locks are designed to work better with alkaline batteries.

In our experience, safes can get stuck for all sorts of reasons, and it may have nothing to do with your batteries.


Do You Need Your Current Safe Lock Changed Over?

At CAPTAIN SAFE we are experts at converting locks on your new or secondhand safe.


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