Drug Safes


Preventing Unauthorised Access to Drugs of Dependency

Our Dominator Drug Safes are sought by doctors, medical and dental centres, aged care nursing homes, community care, veterinary surgeries, and similar who are looking to securely store a variety of drugs on-site in order to prevent unauthorised access, and meet the Code of Practice for the Storage and Transport of Drugs of Dependence.

An example would be the storage of Webster-Paks medication packs.

Webster-Paks medication packs are prepared by the pharmacy to ensure the right dose is taken at the right time, and manage complex medication regimes. Weekly medication is set out for you, sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix-ups.

Aged care nursing homes contact CAPTAIN SAFE to provide long-term storage solutions for bulk onsite storage of Webster-Paks medication packs and other drugs of dependency to meet the auditor’s compliance.

Our competitive, ‘over-spec’ Dominator Drug Safe will future-proof your organisation against any changes to existing legislation.

Features of our Dominator Drug Safes

  • 60mm think walls encasing high density fire and penetration resistant materials.
  • Exterior lift off hinges with full length bar lock protecting against hinge attacks.
  • Up to seven 32mm diameter steel locking bolts ensure opening side has superior protection.
  • 6 stage textured paint finish with clear coating provides a durable lasting finish.
  • Floor anchoring provision allows secure fixing to eliminate easy safe removal.
  • Protective anti-drill plating and relocking devices fitted for additional protection from forceful entry.
  • 3 way locking bolts and glass plate relocking devices on selected models.
  • Universal lock footprint for easy conversion to alternative lock types.
  • Highest quality La Gard electronic or group 2 rated mechanical combination locking system fitted as standard.


Scope of Service

CAPTAIN SAFE can deliver to organisations a convenient, cost-effective, or timely solution to your organisations’ need to prevent unauthorised access to drugs of dependency stored on-site, and meet auditor compliance.

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  • Delivery
  • Finance
  • Service & Maintenance


Lease-to-Buy & Upgrades

We offer our lease-to-buy customers the option to upgrade their safe at any time.

Our customers, once they are satisfied with their choice, can at the end of their lease, purchase their safe outright.


Speak to One of Our Experts

If you’d like to learn more about our Drug Safe leasing options, speak with one of our Security Industry experts on:

1300 648 182 or you may contact us via email: contact us.

We look forward to your call.


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