Gun Safes Made To Bank-Grade Security

We refit old bank safes to create one-of-a-kind, customised, impenetrable firearm storage units

Captain Safe - Bank-Grade Gun SafesMany low-end, off the shelf gun safes are hopelessly inadequate. They meet the minimum legal specifications but in reality offer absolutely no realistic safeguarding of your firearms.

What Captain Safe do:

  • Our onsite experts can refit an old bank safe to your specifications to create a one-of-a-kind, customised gun storage unit.
  • We can fully recondition safe locks, hinges, and security mechanisms for the highest standards in the Security Industry.
  • Or, if you prefer, we can sell you a brand new gun or firearm safe or vault.

The end result? An impenetrable gun safe to the level of bank-grade security.

Such was the craftsmanship of these used gun safes that, 40 years on, they remain fully functional and in excellent condition. These safes were built to a specification to ensure that no one could illegally gain entry to the safe … at all … EVER!”


Fire Rating on Your Used Gun Safe

When it comes to protecting your firearms in the event of a fire, you need to consider a high-quality, durable safe that is adequate for the purposes you are buying it. This includes its fire-resistant rating.

When it comes to our used gun safes, we make a guesstimate of its tolerance to extreme heat based on years of experience installing and customising bespoke pre-used safes.


Sizing Up Your Needs For a Bespoke Gun Safe

It’s a fact – your gun safe will appear to “shrink” over months and years as your gun collection grows.

Plan to go bigger than you need … if you can afford it, and your storage space allows.

Take into consideration the storage of other items in your safe like sights, scopes, grips, glasses, cleaning gear, spare parts, toolbox, etc.

In terms of your immediate and future firearm storage, our experts at CAPTAIN SAFE can customise for you an impenetrable, fire-resistant bespoke safe that is competitively priced and meets your precise specifications.


Selecting a Pistol Safe

Captain Safe - Bespoke Pistol SafeYou are not permitted to store ammunition in the same lockbox as your pistol. Hence different lockboxes.

Separately locked compartments provide for storage of a variety of pistols, ammunition, while also multi-purposing as a mum and dad home safe.

So the need for more than one safe is not required.

For example, we can take a Spika Pistol Safe and weld it into an old bank or warehouse safe for incredibly secure storage, while well and truly exceeding, and future-proofing all firearm storage regulations.


Owning Firearms Comes With Responsibility

ALL gun owners / person in possession of a firearm in Australia must ensure that their firearm:

  • Is kept safe
  • Is not lost or stolen; and
  • Does not come into the possession of a person who is not authorized to possess the firearm.

It is acceptable to have a purpose-built storage unit that has two separate lockable compartments (one for firearms and one for ammunition). This is classified as separate storage areas, and therefore suitable.

The key consideration is that firearms cannot be readily accessed by persons not authorised to do so.

In addition to this general safekeeping requirement, there are specific legislative requirements for the safekeeping and storage of firearms that you should familiarise yourself with :


Category A,B,C,D & H

The firearm must be stored in a gun safe that is deemed not easily penetrable.

Category A & B firearm safes can be constructed of hardwood or steel but suggest all gun safes be made of steel.

Should the safe weigh less than 150kg (when empty) it must be securely fixed to the framework of the premises.

It must be fixed securely and must house the firearms with a lock of sturdy construction.

Ammunition storage must be in a separate lockable container/compartment to that of any firearm.

Detailed State Requirements: Click Here


Australian Custom-Made Gun Safes

If your preference is for an Australian made safe, our onsite experts can repurpose an old bank safe to your specifications to create a one-of-a-kind, customised, bank-grade gun/rifle/pistol/ammunition metals storage unit to meet and exceed legislative requirements in the Safekeeping of Firearms and Ammunition in Australia across Category A, B, C, D and H.


Our Promise To You

When you order from CAPTAIN SAFE, we do not consider your purchase complete until your safe is installed and you’re absolutely satisfied with it.

All our pre-used safes come with a 90-day unlimited parts warranty.

This includes safes that we have customised to meet your specifications.


We Deliver, Install and Service Your Safe

We deliver and install safes every day to locations all across Australia. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our expert safe installers have over 20 years of experience doing this.


How To Make Your Online Purchase

As industry leaders for 20 years offering high-end, specialist engineering geared for bespoke safes, we stock a huge selection of second-hand, fully reconditioned safes competitively priced. And we can tweak the safe you buy from us today to meet your precise firearm storage specifications.


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