How Do I Get Into My Safe


Help! I’ve got a safe, and I cannot get access to it.

The bonus is that it could potentially be really easy!

There are lots and lots of makes and models of safes in the world, and a good many of them really aren’t that flash.

That is to say, a lot of safes built for the mum and dad market are of an inferior design and construction quality, and can easily be accessed with some very basic tools you have in your home.

At CAPTAIN SAFE, our job is to sell, service, and maintain safes. And part of that service involves breaking into people’s safes, normally when they have just purchased a new property, and it contains a build-in safe.

A lot of the time, in these circumstances, you don’t need anyone like us – the experts – at all.

You can do it all from home.

And it’s actually really good fun!


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