Lock Conversions


Do You Need to Convert a Lock on Your Safe?


Perhaps you are tired of using a combination lock?

Digital Lock ConversionAt CAPTAIN SAFE we are experts at converting locks on your new or secondhand safe.

We have over 20 years Security Industry experience servicing our customers.

Combination locks can be, for some people, a headache. We are often called in to remove the combination lock(s) and convert to a digital or key lock safe.

Digital locks are extremely easy to use and very economical to upgrade by one of CAPTAIN SAFE experts. The beautiful thing with digital locks is anyone can use it.


Do You Need Advice About Which Safe Lock Is Best?

At CAPTAIN SAFE we are experts at combination locks, access codes, keys, biometrics and, of course, the best batteries to buy for your safe.


Speak to One of Our Experts

If you’d like to learn more about how we can convert the locking mechanism on your new or secondhand safe, speak with one of our Security Industry experts on:

1300 648 182 or you may contact us via email: contact us.

We look forward to your call.


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