Relocate a Safe


Do You Need to Relocate a Safe?


Be Super Careful!

Relocating Your Safe

Even a small safe can easily weigh between 300kg – 1,000kg.

Consider that a small car weighs 1,000 kg.

The capacity for harm to persons and property when moving a safe is enormous.

Also, safes have lots of security mechanisms inside them that are very sensitive to movement. It is the physical shock to the safe that could trigger the relocking mechanism inside. Once this happens, the safe door will never open again.


Give an Expert Who Knows What They Are Doing a Call

Where the safe is situated on your premises will dictate how we approach its relocation.

Just consider that an old bank safe from for example the 1800s was often time installed in this order:

  • A concrete pad was constructed to support the new safe.
  • The heavy safe was manipulated into place onto the concrete pad.
  • After the vault was completed and in place, the rest of the building was constructed around it.

It’s feasible to imagine that this old bank safe can never be taken off-site. To do so would potentially damage the floor as it was never designed to support that sort of weight.

In that particular instance, it is better to leave the safe where it is.

In most cases, we can relocate your safe with zero damage to the building or the safe.


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